Bibliographic description fields

The guidelines of bibliographic description in RUJ/BPP UJ have been prepared on the basis of cataloguing rules compliant with the Polish standards: PN-N-01152-00:1982 Opis bibliograficzny - postanowienia ogólne, PN-N-01152-01:1982, PN-N-01152-01/Az1:1997 Opis bibliograficzny - książki, PN-N-01152-2:1997 Opis bibliograficzny - wydawnictwa ciągłe, PN-N-01152-5:2001 Opis bibliograficzny - dokumenty kartograficzne, PN-N-01152-07:1985 Opis bibliograficzny - dokumenty dźwiękowe, PN-N-01152-12:1994 Opis bibliograficzny - filmy, PN-N-01152-13:2000 Opis bibliograficzny - dokumenty elektroniczne.

The second level of description details has been adopted.

The Dublin Core metadata standard has been used in the descriptions.

The basis for the bibliographic description for BPP UJ is a document issued in printed or electronic form; however, for the purpose of submitting the full text in RUJ, bibliographic descriptions of documents not yet published are created as well.

The bibliographic description of a document is created by means of the submission form in which respective fields are identified by verbal labels. The fields of the form in which the respective elements of the bibliographic description are mandatory are marked with a red asterisk. Without completing these fields it is not possible to proceed to the next step. Completion of the other fields is advisable and reasonable if there is relevant information available or if this is required by other directives.

The characteristics of the selected fields is providedd below.

A unique field for the title and title supplements, preceded by a colon with spaces on its both sides. The title shall be taken over from the document in the original language and entered in the original alphabet, including non-Latin characters, e.g. Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, and Chinese.

Variant title
This field is non-unique and contains variant forms of the proper title, primarily those appearing in the publication, the titles in other languages, the title transliterated according to the current standards if the proper title is in a non-Latin alphabet. More information about the transliteration is available here.

It is also mandatory to provide the English title in this field if the work is in a different language.

Collective publication title
This unique field is intended for information about the parent document, i.e. the book from which originates the chapter that is the subject of the description. In this case, the title of the chapter should be entered in the title field. while in the collective publication title field one should enter the title of the book and after an equality sign '=', the parallel title(s) (if any) and/or the transliterated title if the title of the collective publication is in a non-Latin alphabet.

Author, editor, translator, co-author, etc.
These fields are non-unique and are intended to indicate all persons involved in creating the publication in the order of their appearance in it. The first names and surnames of the Jagiellonian University employees/Ph.D. students should be found and taken over from the Jagiellonian University employees/Ph.D. students database, which can be accessed through clicking the icon on the left side of the field. If the author/co-author is not an employee of the Jagiellonian University, the field should be filled in as: surname, first name(s).

A unique field for entering the numeric value of International Standard Serial Number. Filling in this field is very desirable, because on the basis of ISSN score points are calculated for articles in the journals which are on the list of scholarly journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The list of scholarly journals is here.

ISBN / ISMN / DOI - providing these numbers is necessary if the publication is to be considered as a scholarly monograph.

URL - provide an electronic address for accessing the full text of the publication and in the nect field the date of access.

Open access to publications - if the full text of a document is available online without restrictions, specify the type of license (Creative Commons or other open license) and complete the other fields. If the text is not available openly, select the option without an open access publication license.

Keywords in the document’s language
The field should be completed only if the publication is in a language other than Polish or English.

Abstract in the document’s language
The field should be completed only if the publication is in a language other than Polish or English.

Percentage share in creating the publication
To be filled in only if the respective authors' contribution to the publication has not been equal.