Data for PBN

After describing the publication, the next step is to enter information relevant for data processing in PBN database.

In the tab Enter data for PBN on should:

  • select in the menu the Jagiellonian University faculty from which the publication will be sent/reported to the PBN
  • define the affiliation of publications to a JU unit
  • state employment in the JU unit in the year of publication
  • select a knowledge area from the menu for the authors affiliated or employed in a JU unit

The affiliation and employment unit should be indicated for the author and all the persons involved in creating the publication. If the author of the publication affiliates the publication to another research unit (not belonging to the Jagiellonian University) or is not an employee of the Jagiellonian University, the box [Not affiliated] should be checked. All information given in the tab refers to the year of publication. The term „unit employing the author/co-author in the year of publication” refers to the employment contract and does not include the fee-for-task contract, specific-task contract, grant contract, etc.

In the case of heterogeneous units, the area of knowledge dominating in research activity should be selected. The definition of heterogeneous unit is available on the POL-on system website. The units meeting the conditions of a heterogeneous unit are defined in the Regulation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education § 20 section 5.