Granting file rights

The author can choose the license for the file if he/she holds the copyright for the publication i.e. he/she can make available and distribute the previously published work without any restrictions.

Often the material rights are transferred to the Publisher after signing a publishing contract or publishing the work. Therefore, we recommend checking the provisions of the relevant agreement or contacting the Publisher directly in order to obtain consent for further dissemination of the publication through the Jagiellonian University Repository. If the publisher consents to publication in the repository but does not indicate any licence, the decision on the licence lies in the Author’s discretion.

To find out whether the publisher or the journal gives permission for independent archiving, you can check the SHERPA/RoMEO publisher policy database ( More information here.


The author can choose the license for the file from among:

  • licencji Creative Commons


(more information at

We suggest using the tool allowing to simulate the selection of the appropriate Creative Commons license, which is available here. After answering two key questions the simulator will indicate the license adequate for the answers.


  • Open Access BJ license - a non-exclusive license concluded between the author and the Jagiellonian Library. If you choose this type of license, you should download a form of the agreement (download here), then sign it and deliver/send it in two copies to the address of the Library as indicated in the agreement.


If the Author has not obtained permission to publish the file in RUJ but attaches the file to verify the bibliographic description, he should check the option I add only the bibliographic description. The file will be deleted after approval of the description.