File Deposit Instructions



1. Establish the status of author’s exploitation right

The rights to the text are very often transferred to the publisher. To find out if a publisher or journal authorizes self-archiving, you can check the SHERPA / RoMEO Publisher Policy Information Database (https://v2.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/). Since the database is not complete, it is worth checking the publishing agreement or contact the Publisher in order to obtain information about the possibility of further dissemination of the work by placing it in an institutional repository. If the publisher agrees to publish it in the repository, but does not indicate the license, the decision on the license rests with the Author.

2. Log in to your RUJ account

One can log in using the same login details as when logging in to the university e-mail.


3. Complete the bibliographic description form, as in the regular application to the Bibliography of Publications of JU Employees (BPP UJ)


4. Attach a file with the full text at the appropriate step of application form, and confirm its addition by clicking a button Dodaj plik i kolejne [Add this file and next]

Depending on materials being sent, the files can have various formats (e.g. .pdf, .docx, .doc, .rtf, .odt, .txt, .pptx, .ppt, .xlsx, .tiff).
In the case of articles and chapters, the optimal format is pdf of the final publishing version, however, the author may also send a postprint or preprint in any format.


5. Choose a license, under which the file may be available in RUJ

More information about granting rights to the attached file can be found here.



The file deposited in RUJ must contain the full text of the relevant publication. Files containing only covers, tables of contents, text fragments etc. are deleted.

If the Author would like his publication to be available in RUJ and have the publisher's consent, but does not have an electronic version of it and has no not possibility to scan it,  may ask the Repository to digitize the publication and archive appropriately optimized scans. The order will be performed on the condition that the publication is available in the Jagiellonian Library or will be delivered to RUJ by the Author.


⇒ If applications to BPP UJ are submitted by library employee, a file should be sent to such person with a request for its deposit along with a description

⇒ If you want to add a file to a description that has been already approved in RUJ, please contact one of the faculty administrators; their list is here. In the message, please attach the file and indicate the license under which the text should be made available.