RUJ terms and conditions


The institutional digital repository of the Jagiellonian University, called the Jagiellonian University Repository (RUJ), has been created with the aim of aggregating access and wider dissemination of scholarly and teaching achievements of members of the Jagiellonian University staff as well as promoting research conducted at the Jagiellonian University and wider exchange of know-how with the industry.

RUJ collects digital versions of officially published texts (preprints, postprints) or original digital material not previously published.

These can be in particular:

1) scholarly articles and studies, books;

2) doctoral dissertations;

3) conference materials and presentations;

4) teaching materials;

5) scholarly journals;

6) research data (research results, measurements, statistics, reports, etc.), resulting from the implementation of projects financed from public funds;

7) other materials related to activities of the Jagiellonian University.


The following forms of deposition of materials are permitted:

1) self-archiving by the authors or co-authors of a work;

2) indirect depositing by a librarian of the faculty/institute library of the Jagiellonian University;

3) indirect depositing by a librarian of the Jagiellonian Library.

The depositors make the materials available free of charge on the basis of an open Creative Commons license or a non exclusive license granted to the Jagiellonian University. Granting a license is an integral element of the depositing process.

The process of depositing materials ends with the approval of correctness of their format and metadata by librarians from the Section of Jagiellonian University Repository in the Digital Collections Department.

The author takes full responsibility for the materials deposited in RUJ and is liable for any infringement of copyrights and property rights of third parties.

If necessary, subsequent versions of the same text can be deposited with appropriate information in the bibliographic description.

The deposit of a text already published requires a consent of the publisher to whom the author has transferred his property rights to this text or to whom the author has granted an exclusive licence for the same text covering the same range of uses. It is thus advisable to check one’s agreements with the publisher or the publisher's policy on publishing works in institutional repositories (see SHERPA/ROMEO database ).


The texts in RUJ are the intellectual property of the authors and are protected in accordance with the copyright law.

Access to the RUJ resources is possible according to the licenses granted by the authors.

The metadata are made available without restrictions in accordance with the general law regulations.

The resources of RUJ can be accessed only for personal use, for scholarly and teaching purposes. Digital copies of the material made available in RUJ can be reproduced, quoted, and processed for personal use on the requirement of providing a proper citation including the name of the author(s), the title and other bibliographical data as well as the web address of the original item in RUJ.


The materials deposited in RUJ will be stored indefinitely in accordance with the data security policy.

RUJ will ensure permanent readability and availability of any its content. If necessary, the files will be converted into up to date formats.

The texts deposited in RUJ cannot be revoked by their author(s).

The deposited material can be moved to a closed archive at the legitimate request of the author(s) if the law is infringed (e.g. confirmed copyright infringement, plagiarism, fraudulent research data).


1) BPP UJ is the main source of information about the publications of Jagiellonian University staff. In periodical assessments of members of the Jagiellonian University scholarly staff and in awarding prizes for research activity, only publications registered in the BPP UJ database are considered.

2) 2) BPP UJ covers current publications as well as those published in previous years.

3) Bibliographic data on materials published by members of the Jagiellonian University’s staff in scholarly, popular-science and other sources can be entered into the BPP UJ database directly by the authors or by librarians from the faculty/institute libraries.

4) The bibliographical description of the publication should be verified on the basis of the original provided by its author in printed form or by indicating a link to the publication in an electronic version. Verification is performed by librarians from the faculty/institute libraries of the Jagiellonian University or librarians from the Jagiellonian Library. The verified bibliographic descriptions, after checking their correctness and completeness, are approved for publication in the BPP UJ database by librarians from the Department of Digital Collections of the Jagiellonian Library.

5) It is the responsibility of the author to prepare the English version of the title of the publication, unless it appears in the original text.

6) After completing the bibliographic description of the publication its affiliation should be provided.