In the Jagiellonian University Repository it is possible to generate collective reports containing e.g. bibliographies of faculty publications, collective bibliographies of Ph.D. students' publications, bibliographies of Jagiellonian University units' publications.

In order to generate a selected report from RUJ, please contact the person responsible for the given faculty.

Contact details here.


It is also possible to generate simple reports on one’s own, containing e.g. individual employee's bibliography.

1. First one should search for publications according to selected criteria - for this purpose it is advised to use browsing as well as available tools for narrowing the search results. More about the search here.

The list of results can be sorted by the title of the publication, the date of adding records to the Repository, or the date of publishing. It is also possible to define the number of results on a page (from 10 to 500); 50 records are displayed on one page as default.

Descriptions can be displayed in three forms:


  • shortened description




  • extended description




  • tabular description



2. After searching for publications, select the records to be included in the report. If there are more than 50 publications, an appropriate number of results should be defined so that all relevant publications appeared on one page.

3. After selecting the appropriate items, click Pdf printout, which will download the file to ther user’s computer.


6. Na koniec przygotowane zestawienie proszę zapisać na swoim urządzeniu lub wydrukować wybierając:

wydruk PDF >> zaznaczone >> zapisz.

One can also generate a CSV file by (clicking the button Generate CSV) or generate descriptions in the selected format (BibTeX or RIS) by clicking the button Export.