For persons with ResearcherID

1. After logging in to the ORCID (https://orcid.org/signin), click consecutively: Works → Add works → Search & link → ResearcherID [the penultimate link in the list that will drop down] 

WoS mający_1.jpg

WoS mający_1.1.jpg


2. After clicking on the link, a new window will open up; here, you must give permission to link to the Web of Science database by clicking on the button Authorize

WoS mający_2.jpg


3. A login box will appear on the screen, where one should log in

WoS mający_3.jpg

4.  After authorization, we will be informed that our ResearcherID has been linked to the ORCID

WoS niemający_9.png 


5. After entering one’s profile (button Back to My Researcher Profile; see the picture in item 4), one will see ORCID under the link to one’s ResearcherID

WoS mający_5.jpg