For new ORCID users

1. After logging into the Jagiellonian University Repository (RUJ - https://ruj.uj.edu.pl), the user will see the ORCID registration screen, where the action Create and Connect ORCID ID should be selected

2. The ORCID registration window will open in a new tab, where a short registration form should be filled in. The first name, last name, and e-mail fields will be completed automatically with the information downloaded from the Jagiellonian University Repository. All one needs to do is to create a password, specify the access to the publications that will be entered into the ORCID (public, limited to the indicated persons, limited to the account owner only) and send a request for registration by clicking the button Register


ORCID_pkt 2 od zera.jpg



3. A message will appear on the screen indicating that the Jagiellonian University Repository is requesting access to the user’s ORCID. Please give your consent here by clicking Authorize

ORCID_pkt 3 od zera.jpg


4. After the registration, the Jagiellonian University Repository window will also display information about the successful registration of the ORCID ID


5. After registering ORCID in RUJ, one should open the verification message sent to the email address given in the form and click on the first link from the top to confirm one’s identity and thus complete the process of creating an account in ORCID. Then the ORCID login window will open up in a new tab; after logging in, one should complete the details of the institution to which the work sublitted there will be affilliated. To do this, one needs to go from the main screen through: 

Employment › Add employment › Add manually manually and fill in the fields of the window that opens up


One can also add additional information to the profile such as one’s biography, education, employment history, current research interests, and grants


ORCID_pkt 6.2 od zera.jpg

6. If an ORCID ID has already been registered for a given user in RUJ, after the next login to the Repository, the user will be directed to the page Added items and workflow tasks, and in the user menu (at the top of the screen), a green ORCID ID icon will appear next to his name



7. In the Trusted Organizations [FOR RESEARCHERS > ACCOUNT SETTINGS] section of the ORCID account there will appear information about the date and type of association with the Jagiellonian University Repository. Please note that you must NOT DISABLE this link by pressing the trash icon [Revoke Access]








→  If an ORCID account was created using an e-mail address other than in the uj.edu.pl domain, one should add the Jagiellonian University's e-mail address to the account information as an additional e-mail address