1. How to log in to RUJ? 
Logging into the Repository is analogous to logging into the central University mail server, using the same authorization data. 

2. How long it will take for the description submitted into the system to be published on the RUJ website? 

It is not possible to predict precisely how long it will take before the description is finally approved and appears in the Repository. The process involves two-level editing (departmental libraries → Jagiellonian Library) and can be quite short or, if the publication cannot be readily accessed, prolonged one. Attaching a file to the description allowing verification of the data, or sending relevant information to the RUJ coordinator of a given faculty, can considerably speed up the path from the author to final users. 

3. How to calculate the number of publicasher’s sheets?
One publishing sheet is 40 000 characters (spaces included). 

4. How to complete the data for PBN? 
In the panel, select the unit to which the publication is affiliated from the drop-down list, and then confirm it with the button Add faculty. Below you will see a list of authors and editors appearing in the description, who can be associated with the selected faculty by marking affiliation/employment next to the name. For those who affiliate to the unit but are not currently employed in it (Ph.D. students, retired employees, etc.) the area of knowledge should be also marked. 

5. What does it mean when a record is located in the tab Archived items?
The bookmark contains descriptions which the author has deposited by himself/herself and which have been finally approved to RUJ after double verification.

6. What does it mean when the description is located in the tab Checked added items
OIt means that it has been deposited, but is not yet archived - it is awaiting verification or it is under verification, but it is still publicly visible during browsing RUJ.

7. After logging into the account I can't see the description entered in the available tabs. Where can the record be located? (disappearing descriptions)
All the items that the author sees in his account after logging in (Checked Items, Rejected Items, Archived Items) are those that he/she entered into the Repository by himself/herself. Sometimes the author adds a description that is already in the Repository (entered by a coauthor or a faculty library employee). Duplicates are removed and disappear from the tabs in the account of those who entered them. In the case of such a „disappearance”, it is adviceable to perform a search the database to see if a given record actually exists in the Repository, or only the duplicate one has been removed.  

8. Who should submit a description to RUJ if all co-authors are JU employees?  
It is enough for the description to be submitted by one of the authors. If other authors also submit descriptions for the same publication, they will be deleted by the administrators as duplicates.  

9. How to add a full text file to a record already published on the RUJ website? Is it necessary to submit its description again?
There is no need to resend the description. The easiest way to complete the record with full text is to send the file by e-mail to the address: ruj@uj.edu.pl, or to the administrator of the relevant faculty (contact details: https://ruj.uj.edu.pl/xmlui/contact).

10. What Creative Commons licenses are available in RUJ?
By attaching a full text file to the bibliographic description, the authors have one of the 6 Creative Commons licenses at their disposal:


11. Where I can find the list of my publications?
Hover the cursor over BROWSE in the upper left-hand menu of the page, then a list of filters by which you can search the database will drop down. When you click on the second one from the top (Authors), you will see a page with a search box, where one should enter the own or another author’s name, whose publications you want to find, and confirm the search by pressing Enter or the button Go located on the right side of the search box. 

12. Can an author edit the bibliographic description published on the RUJ site?
No, the finally approved description can only be edited by administrators.

13. Whom to contact in order to complete/delete a record already published in the repository?
If the description has passed all stages of verification and has been finally approved but needs to be modified, one should contact the administrator of the relevant faculty by e-mail or phone (contact details at https://ruj.uj.edu.pl/xmlui/contact). 

14. Why doesn't the ministerial score appear in the record?
The journal scoring is uploaded to the Repository as based on the lists published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The score will not be visible in the descriptions of articles for a given year, if the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has not yet evaluated the journals and announced a score for that year.

15. How to remove a rejected description from the account?
The description should be opened by clicking on the title, then click the button Continue, located in the bottom left corner, and Save and exit in the next window. Then a page will appear asking what the author wants to do with the description. After clicking Delete an item, the record will disappear completely from the Repository and from the author's account.

16. What to do with the description in the tab Rejected Items? 
After checking the reason for rejecting the description, one can open it by clicking on the title and then, after clicking the button Continue located in the lower left corner, edit it and submit for reverification. The rejected description can also be deleted.