Transliteration - a conversion consisting in the graphic reproduction of the characters of one alphabet with the letters of another alphabet (with diacritical marks if necessary) without condering their phonetic pronunciation.

Non-Latin characters should be transliterated according to the current Polish standards: for Cyrillic, PN-ISO 9:2000; for Arabic, ISO 233:1984, ISO 233-2:1993 and ISO 233-3:1999; for Hebrew PN-ISO 259:2009 and PN-ISO 259-2:2009, for Greek PN-ISO 843:1999*.


Subject to transliteration are:

  • names of authors and co-authors
  • title of the publication in the variant title field (the title field contains the title of the publication in the original spelling)
  • the title of the parent publication preceded by '=' and the title in the original spelling in the collective publication title field (while the title field includes the title of the article or chapter of the book in the original spelling)
  • place of publication and name of the publisher
  • series title


In the original alphabet of the described document one should provide:

  • title of the publication in the title field
  • title of parent publication in the collective publication title field
  • keywords in the keyword in the document’s language field
  • abstract in the abstract in the document’s language field
  • the name of the conference in the conference field


The transliteration may be consulted with the relevant institute library.

*(as based on: Drabik Adrian, Sanetra Krystyna, Szafrański Leszek (2014). Instrukcja katalogowania dokumentów w Bibliografii Publikacji Pracowników Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Kraków : Biblioteka Jagiellońska, p. 10)