Adding items

In order to start entering the item's description, log in and select the Add  button from the menu in the upper left corner. Then follow the interface prompts, i.e. select the collection to which the record is to be assigned (as described in the Collections tab) and specify the type and subtype of the described document (as described in the (as described in the Document types tab).




In the next step, one should create a bibliographic description of the document (as described in the Bibliographic Description Fields tab).


In the next step, the data necessary for generating reports and linking the information in RUJ with the unit parametrization system are given. The affiliation should be marked, i.e. one should indicate the appropriate department chosen from the list created with the names and personal numbers of the authors of the publication and provide additional parametric information (a number of publisher’s sheets, open access details, conference details if the publication is a conference publication, a project number if the publication was created as part of the implemented project, etc.).


In the next step one should complete the data for PBN (as described in the Data for PBN tab).


In the next steps you can add the full text of the publication described (as described in the File insertion tab).

After entering the details, confirm them with the button deposit.

The button save and exit is used to save the publication description to one’s own account. It does not effect in sending the publication description to the Repository.