My account

Logging in to RUJ (by clicking in the top right-hand corner) allows you to access the My Account tab, where one can : 

  • add a description of the publication,
  • add a file with full text,
  • monitor the process of adding and archiving data.


1. Adding not completed

This is the place where bibliographic descriptions are stored before they are approved and deposited in RUJ - after creating the description, click [Save and exit], then the respective record does not go to the editor. At this level, one can edit the entered description, complete or change the bibliographic information as well as the sharing license, change the type and subtype of the described document, or attach a file with full text. The description is edited by clicking on the appropriate item from the list.

2. Rejected items

This list contains bibliographic descriptions that have been retained by the editor with a request to correct or complete the information. After the necessary changes, the description can be deposited again.

3. Archived items

This list contains items that have been deposited by the author/description provider, checked by the editor and published in the Jagiellonian University Repository. All bibliographic descriptions created within the framework of an individual „My account” are collected here. At this stage, all bibliographic descriptions created by the owner of „My account” can be viewed, but not edited.

4. Checked added items

In this list you can check the verification status of the submitted descriptions for individual items - one of the following messages can be displayed:

  • pending the editor’s attention - an item awaiting verification of its bibliographic description,
  • pending the final editing - waiting for verification of compliance of the item attached to the RUJ with the applicable terms and conditions as well as the policy of the Jagiellonian University Repository (in accordance with the Rector of the Jagiellonian University ordinances and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s regulations).