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Bronze hoard from Jabłonka, Głubczyce District


Bronze hoard from Jabłonka, Głubczyce District

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dc.contributor.author Blajer, Wojciech [SAP11010466] pl
dc.date.accessioned 2019-03-27T09:42:12Z
dc.date.available 2019-03-27T09:42:12Z
dc.date.issued 2018 pl
dc.identifier.issn 0137-3285 pl
dc.identifier.uri https://ruj.uj.edu.pl/xmlui/handle/item/71507
dc.language eng pl
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dc.title Bronze hoard from Jabłonka, Głubczyce District pl
dc.type JournalArticle pl
dc.description.physical 289-312 pl
dc.description.additional Tom dedykowany jest Profesorowi Krzysztofowi Sobczykowi pl
dc.identifier.weblink http://www.farkha.nazwa.pl/RechACrac/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/12_Blajer.pdf pl
dc.abstract.en In the village of Jabłonka in Głubczyce District, Opolskie Province, a bronze hoard was discovered in May 2015. It was comprised of 10 objects: 4 armlets or ankle-rings made from a bronze band decorated with grooves, a small bracelet with a decoration of transversal grooves, 2 armlets or ankle-rings made from a bar (one oval-sectioned and decorated with groups of notches and one twisted), a bronze cup with a handle, a disc with a loop (phalera), and a socketed axe. Most of the artefacts have analogies in Silesia and neighbouring regions. The hoard can be associated with the Silesian group of the Lusatian culture and dated to phase HaA2. The reasons for its deposition remain unknown. pl
dc.subject.en Bronze Age pl
dc.subject.en armlets pl
dc.subject.en hoard pl
dc.subject.en socketed axe pl
dc.subject.en phalera pl
dc.subject.en bronze vessel pl
dc.description.volume 9 pl
dc.description.publication 1,1 pl
dc.title.journal Recherches Archeologiques. Nouvelle Serie pl
dc.language.container eng pl
dc.date.accession 2019-03-12 pl
dc.affiliation Wydział Historyczny : Instytut Archeologii pl
dc.subtype Article pl
dc.rights.original OTHER; otwarte czasopismo; ostateczna wersja wydawcy; w momencie opublikowania; 0 pl
dc.identifier.project ROD UJ / O pl
.pointsMNiSW [2018 B]: 9

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