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Twist-bend nematic phase in the presence of molecular chirality


Twist-bend nematic phase in the presence of molecular chirality

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dc.contributor.author Longa, Lech [SAP11010710] pl
dc.contributor.author Tomczyk, Wojciech [USOS113191] pl
dc.date.accessioned 2019-01-17T10:59:07Z
dc.date.available 2019-01-17T10:59:07Z
dc.date.issued 2018 pl
dc.identifier.issn 0267-8292 pl
dc.identifier.uri https://ruj.uj.edu.pl/xmlui/handle/item/66143
dc.language eng pl
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dc.title Twist-bend nematic phase in the presence of molecular chirality pl
dc.type JournalArticle pl
dc.description.physical 2074-2085 pl
dc.abstract.en One of the interesting questions related to bent-shaped materials is how structural chirality of the twist-bend nematic (NTB) phase can respond to the presence of molecular chirality, with later being introduced through chiral centers incorporated in the molecules or chiral dopants. We study this problem using minimal coupling Landau-de Gennes theory of NTB, supplemented by a term representing intrinsic molecular chirality. Relative stability and properties of cholesteric (N*), chiral twist-bend nematic with heliconical structure (N*TB), and other homogeneous phases are studied. Besides nematic, chiral twist-bend nematic and cholesteric phases of vanishing global polarization, we find their polar analogues. In particular, a coupling between molecular chirality, alignment tensor and polarization fields can promote a globally polar and chiral twist-bend nematic (N*TBp) with period comparable to that of N*. pl
dc.subject.en twist-bend nematic pl
dc.subject.en molecular chirality pl
dc.subject.en cholesteric phase pl
dc.subject.en Landau-de Gennes theory pl
dc.subject.en flexopolarization pl
dc.description.volume 45 pl
dc.description.number 13-15 pl
dc.identifier.doi 10.1080/02678292.2018.1499148 pl
dc.identifier.eissn 1366-5855 pl
dc.title.journal Liquid Crystals pl
dc.title.volume A Festschrift in honour of Professor Claudio Zannoni pl
dc.language.container eng pl
dc.affiliation Wydział Fizyki, Astronomii i Informatyki Stosowanej : Instytut Fizyki im. Mariana Smoluchowskiego pl
dc.subtype Article pl
dc.rights.original bez licencji pl
dc.identifier.project ROD UJ / O pl
.pointsMNiSW [2018 A]: 30

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