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Seasonal changes in the body size of two rotifer species living in activated sludge follow the Temperature-Size Rule


Seasonal changes in the body size of two rotifer species living in activated sludge follow the Temperature-Size Rule

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dc.contributor.author Kiełbasa, Anna [SAP14008248] pl
dc.contributor.author Walczyńska, Aleksandra [SAP14007575] pl
dc.contributor.author Fiałkowska, Edyta [SAP12015389] pl
dc.contributor.author Pajdak-Stós, Agnieszka [SAP12015696] pl
dc.contributor.author Kozłowski, Jan [SAP11007395] pl
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dc.date.issued 2014 pl
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dc.title Seasonal changes in the body size of two rotifer species living in activated sludge follow the Temperature-Size Rule pl
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dc.abstract.en Temperature-Size Rule (TSR) is a phenotypic body size response of ectotherms to changing temperature. It is known from the laboratory studies, but seasonal patterns in the field were not studied so far. We examined the body size changes in time of rotifers inhabiting activated sludge. We hypothesize that temperature is the most influencing parameter in sludge environment, leading sludge rotifers to seasonally change their body size according to TSR, and that oxygen content also induces the size response. The presence of TSR in Lecane inermis rotifer was tested in a laboratory study with two temperature and two food-type treatments. The effect of interaction between temperature and food was significant; L. inermis followed TSR in one food type only. The seasonal variability in the body sizes of the rotifers L. inermis and Cephalodella gracilis was estimated by monthly sampling and analyzed by multiple regression, in relation to the sludge parameters selected as the most influential by multivariate analysis, and predicted to alter rotifer body size (temperature and oxygen). L. inermis varied significantly in size throughout the year, and this variability is explained by temperature as predicted by the TSR, but not by oxygen availability. C. gracilis also varied in size, though this variability was explained by both temperature and oxygen. We suggest that sludge age acts as a mortality factor in activated sludge. It may have a seasonal effect on the body size of L. inermis and modify a possible effect of oxygen. Activated sludge habitat is driven by both biological processes and human regulation, yet its resident organisms follow general evolutionary rule as they do in other biological systems. The interspecific response patterns differ, revealing the importance of taking species-specific properties into account. Our findings are applicable to sludge properties enhancement through optimizing the conditions for its biological component. pl
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dc.subject.en multivariate analysis pl
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dc.description.volume 4 pl
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dc.identifier.doi 10.1002/ece3.1292 pl
dc.identifier.eissn 2045-7758 pl
dc.title.journal Ecology and Evolution pl
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