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Polska wyprawa na Grenlandię w 1937 r.


Polska wyprawa na Grenlandię w 1937 r.

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dc.contributor.author Köhler, Piotr [SAP11012216] pl
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dc.date.issued 2017 pl
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dc.title Polska wyprawa na Grenlandię w 1937 r. pl
dc.title.alternative Polish expedition to Greenland in 1937 pl
dc.type JournalArticle pl
dc.description.physical 45-63 pl
dc.identifier.weblink http://www.academia.edu/36163877 pl
dc.abstract.en The Polish expedition to Greenland in 1937 was the fourth Polish expedition to the Arctic in interwar period. 7 persons took part in it: Stefan Bernadzikiewicz (1907-1939) - equipment and technical issues, Antoni Gaweł (1901-1989) - geologist, Alfred Jahn (1915-1999) - geographer, geomorphologist, Aleksander Kosiba (1901-1981) - leader, glaciologist and geomorphologist, Stanisław Siedlecki (1912-2002) - meteorologist, Rudolf Wilczek (1903-1984) - botanist, Antoni Rudolf Zawadzki (1896-1974) - photogrammetrist. The expedition also hired six Innuits to help. The expedition was doing research from June 16 to August 23, 1937 on Arfersiorfik fiord (Western Greenland) on its initial section and its inshore strip 100 km inland. Results of the expedition: botany - samples were of the peat bog and tundra; geodesy - magnetic declination was mapped out 56^{\circ} W; geoloogy - geological-petrographic charting of the outskirts of ice sheet was made, samples of the rock base, moraine and sedimentary ones were taken; geomorphology - structure and genesis of the landscape was studied, mainly of terraces, including isostatic movements; glaciology - shoreline of the ice sheet and its outskirts were studied; cartography, triangulation and toponomy - map of the land on a scale of 1: 50 000 was published, 23 new names connected with Poland and Polish people were given; climatology - new meteorological data was collected from 2 stations; palynology - high content of pollen of coniferous trees was detected, particularly of pine, whose pollen was found even far to the north near Gothåb; pedology - different types of structural soils and their connection with the climate were described. pl
dc.subject.pl Arktyka pl
dc.subject.pl Grenlandia pl
dc.subject.pl wyprawy polskie pl
dc.subject.pl historia badań polarnych pl
dc.subject.en Arctic pl
dc.subject.en Greenland pl
dc.subject.en Polish expeditions pl
dc.subject.en history of polar research pl
dc.description.volume 62 pl
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dc.identifier.eissn 2657-4020 pl
dc.title.journal Kwartalnik Historii Nauki i Techniki pl
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