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Stefan Pachnowski jako działacz Związku Miast Polskich w latach 1927-1935

Stefan Pachnowski jako działacz Związku Miast Polskich ...

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dc.title Stefan Pachnowski jako działacz Związku Miast Polskich w latach 1927-1935 pl
dc.title.alternative Stefan Pachnowski as an active member of the Association of Polish Cities in 1927-1935 pl
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dc.abstract.en Stefan Pachnowski (1892-1943) was a lawyer, local government activist, president of Włocławek and in the years 1927-1935 an active member of the Association of Polish Cities (Związek Miast Polskich). Since 1927 he was among the representatives of the Management and the Executive Committee of the Association (Zarząd i Komisja Wykonawcza Związku) where he was involved in various initiatives. One of the most essential fields of his work were questions related to newly introduced building regulations. He presided over a special commission of real estate assessors in the Association of Polish Cities; they were working on the elaboration of a model project of local construction and police regulations, which were released in 1930. He was a keen supporter of the revitalisation of building and housing activities in Polish towns. As president of Włocławek he oriented his efforts towards the construction of small condominiums for the working people. He used to present his views and ideas at the reunions of the Association of Polish Cities. Since the very beginning of his membership in the Association, Pachnowski manifested avid interest in the improvement of the cities’ fi nances and, consequently, he became a member of the Financial Committee (Komisja Finansowa) within the Association. In the field of its interests there were among others: the revival of economic activity and the reduction of unemployment. In 1933 the institution of the Labour Fund (Fundusz Pracy) was established and the Association of Polish Cities was a strong supporter of its policies. Pachnowski himself encouraged the cooperation between the two bodies. In 1934, when his presidency of Włocławek was concluded, he engaged himself in the activity of the Labour Fund. With utmost care Pachnowski examined the legislation of local governments in the Second Republic of Poland and participated in the elaboration of local government law on behalf of the Association of Polish Cities. The law was promulgated on 22nd March 1933 but was not enthusiastically received by the members of the Association. That event gave rise to animated discussions about local government legislation and Pachnowski’s voice was among the most prominent ones in that discourse. The Association of Polish Cities delegated Pachnowski to the National Committee of Local Governments (Państwowa Rada Samorządowa). He also represented the Association within the Committee of Municipal Loan and Donation Fund (Komisja Komunalnego Funduszu Pożyczkowo-Zapomogowego). In 1931 he was appointed to the Electricity Committee (Komisja Elektryczna), and, towards the end of his activity, during the 13th convention in 1935, he joined the Verification Committee (Komisja Weryfikacyjna) which, on the basis of discussions and documentation provided by the Association office, elaborated proposals to be presented at the Association reunion. pl
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