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Effects of scene properties and emotional valence on brain activations : a fixation-related fMRI study


Effects of scene properties and emotional valence on brain activations : a fixation-related fMRI study

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dc.contributor.author Kuniecki, Michał [SAP11018119] pl
dc.contributor.author Wołoszyn-Hohol, Kinga [USOS126242] pl
dc.contributor.author Domagalik-Pittner, Aleksandra [SAP14000219] pl
dc.contributor.author Pilarczyk, Joanna [SAP14005529] pl
dc.date.accessioned 2017-11-23T16:21:29Z
dc.date.available 2017-11-23T16:21:29Z
dc.date.issued 2017 pl
dc.identifier.issn 1662-5161 pl
dc.identifier.uri https://ruj.uj.edu.pl/xmlui/handle/item/46591
dc.language eng pl
dc.rights Udzielam licencji. Uznanie autorstwa 4.0 Międzynarodowa *
dc.rights.uri http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/pl/legalcode *
dc.title Effects of scene properties and emotional valence on brain activations : a fixation-related fMRI study pl
dc.type JournalArticle pl
dc.abstract.en Temporal and spatial characteristics of fixations are affected by image properties, including high-level scene characteristics, such as object-background composition, and low-level physical characteristics, such as image clarity. The influence of these factors is modulated by the emotional content of an image. Here, we aimed to establish whether brain correlates of fixations reflect these modulatory effects. To this end, we simultaneously scanned participants and measured their eye movements, while presenting negative and neutral images in various image clarity conditions, with controlled object-background composition. The fMRI data were analyzed using a novel fixation-based event-related (FIBER) method, which allows the tracking of brain activity linked to individual fixations. The results revealed that fixating an emotional object was linked to greater deactivation in the right lingual gyrus than fixating the background of an emotional image, while no difference between object and background was found for neutral images. We suggest that deactivation in the lingual gyrus might be linked to inhibition of saccade execution. This was supported by fixation duration results, which showed that in the negative condition, fixations falling on the object were longer than those falling on the background. Furthermore, increase in the image clarity was correlated with fixation-related activity within the lateral occipital complex, the structure linked to object recognition. This correlation was significantly stronger for negative images, presumably due to greater deployment of attention towards emotional objects. Our eye-tracking results are in line with these observations, showing that the chance of fixating an object rose faster for negative images over neutral ones as the level of noise decreased. Overall, our study demonstrated that emotional value of an image changes the way that low and high-level scene properties affect the characteristics of fixations. The fixation-related brain activity is affected by the low-level scene properties and this impact differs between negative and neutral images. The high-level scene properties also affect brain correlates of fixations, but only in the case of the negative images. pl
dc.subject.en attention pl
dc.subject.en eye movements pl
dc.subject.en fMRI pl
dc.subject.en object pl
dc.subject.en scene perception pl
dc.subject.en visual noise pl
dc.description.volume 11 pl
dc.identifier.doi 10.3389/fnhum.2017.00429 pl
dc.title.journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience pl
dc.language.container eng pl
dc.affiliation Wydział Filozoficzny : Instytut Psychologii pl
dc.affiliation Pion Prorektora ds. badań naukowych i funduszy strukturalnych : Małopolskie Centrum Biotechnologii pl
dc.subtype Article pl
dc.identifier.articleid 429 pl
dc.rights.original CC-BY; otwarte czasopismo; ostateczna wersja wydawcy; w momencie opublikowania; 0 pl
dc.identifier.project ROD UJ / P pl
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