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Etnografia Białorusi w opracowaniach badaczy krakowskich


Etnografia Białorusi w opracowaniach badaczy krakowskich

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dc.contributor.author Machnacz, Aliaksiej pl
dc.contributor.author Semianchuk, Henadzi [SAP11018096] pl
dc.date.accessioned 2015-03-27T15:46:36Z
dc.date.available 2015-03-27T15:46:36Z
dc.date.issued 2013 pl
dc.identifier.issn 0083-4327 pl
dc.identifier.uri http://ruj.uj.edu.pl/xmlui/handle/item/4318
dc.language pol pl
dc.title Etnografia Białorusi w opracowaniach badaczy krakowskich pl
dc.title.alternative Ethnography of Belarus in the studies of the researchers from Cracow pl
dc.type JournalArticle pl
dc.description.physical 75-89 pl
dc.description.additional Bibliogr. s. 88-89 pl
dc.abstract.en The article describes the achievements of Polish scientists in the ethnological field of Belarusians and their settlement area. Primary interest in the topic is found on the pages of Cracow scientific journals from the 70s of XIX century. The ethnographical studies of Belarus, especially Polesie region, made Kazimierz Moszyński and Józef Obrębski. They took part in the expeditions, the results of which were published in monographs and articles. Moszyński used the questionnaire method. Unique materials were collected by members of the Circles of Sightseeing of Schoolchildren of the Polish Sighseeing Association, which are available the Archive of Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of Jagiellonian University. pl
dc.subject.en Belarus pl
dc.subject.en Cracow ethnographers pl
dc.subject.en K. Moszyński pl
dc.subject.en J. Obrębski pl
dc.description.series Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, ISSN 0860-0139; 1330 pl
dc.description.volume 41 pl
dc.description.number 2 pl
dc.identifier.doi 10.4467/22999558.PE.13.007.1036 pl
dc.identifier.eissn 2299-9558 pl
dc.title.journal Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Prace Etnograficzne pl
dc.language.container pol pl
dc.affiliation Wydział Historyczny : Instytut Etnologii i Antropologii Kulturowej pl
dc.subtype Article pl
dc.rights.original OTHER; inne; ostateczna wersja wydawcy; po opublikowaniu; 6; pl
.pointsMNiSW [2013 B]: 5

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