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Music publications of Czytelnik Press in the years 1944-1954


Music publications of Czytelnik Press in the years 1944-1954

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dc.contributor.author Sitarz, Andrzej [SAP12011809] pl
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dc.date.issued 2013 pl
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dc.title Music publications of Czytelnik Press in the years 1944-1954 pl
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dc.abstract.en This article outlines the music publications by Czytelnik in the first decade of the company’s presence on the market. This most powerful enterprise was established to spread the printed word and propaganda in Poland and was allocated a considerable budget to publish music. The series most significant for this purpose were the book series Wiedza Powszechna [Common Knowledge], and the subseries Muzyka i Muzycy Polscy [Polish Music and Musicians], Biblioteka Amatorskich Zespołów Muzycznych [Amateur Ensemble Library] as well as Muzyczna Biblioteka Estradowa [Stage Music Library]. Czytelnik published several hundred scores with music by Polish composers, pieces by the most acclaimed of whom were listed in the company catalog. Moreover, there were accomplished musicologists and artists who also contributed to the output of Czytelnik, which allowed for the highest quality of specialist information to be included even in small publications. A team of outstanding teachers developed a set of publications for many years viewed as standard literature used in music education, later reissued by the publishing house PWM. Songs brought music to the lives of Poles and the pieces published in the Stage Music Library series provided repertoire for both professional and amateur music ensembles. pl
dc.subject.pl wydawnictwo Czytelnik pl
dc.subject.pl polskie wydawnictwa muzyczne pl
dc.subject.en Czytelnik Press pl
dc.subject.en Polish music publishing houses pl
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dc.title.journal Musica Iagellonica pl
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