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Hades experiments : investigation of hadron in-medium properties

Hades experiments : investigation of hadron in-medium ...

Metadane (Dublin Core) Salabura, Piotr [SAP11011883] pl Przygoda, Witold [SAP11016049] pl 2015-06-30T17:34:33Z 2015-06-30T17:34:33Z 2014 pl
dc.identifier.issn 0587-4254 pl
dc.language eng pl
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dc.title Hades experiments : investigation of hadron in-medium properties pl
dc.type JournalArticle pl
dc.description.physical 799-818 pl
dc.abstract.en Hadron modifications in nuclear matter are discussed in connection to chiral symmetry restoration and/or hadronic many body effects. Experiments with photon, proton and heavy ion beams are used to probe properties of hadrons embedded in nuclear matter at different temperatures and densities. Most of the information was gathered for the light vector mesons ρ, \omega and \phi. HADES is a second generation experiment operating at GSI (Darmstadt) with the main aim to study in-medium modifications by means of dielectron production at the SIS18/Bevelac energy range. Large acceptance and excellent particle identification capabilities allow also for measurements of strangeness production. These abilities combined with the variety of beams provided by the SIS18 lead to a characterization of properties of the dense baryonic matter properties created in heavy ion collisions at these energies. A review of recent experimental results obtained by HADES is presented, with the main emphasis on hadron properties in nuclear matter. pl
dc.description.volume 45 pl
dc.description.number 3 pl
dc.description.publication 1 pl
dc.identifier.doi 10.5506/APhysPolB.45.799 pl
dc.identifier.eissn 1509-5770 pl
dc.title.journal Acta Physica Polonica. B pl
dc.title.volume II International Symposium on Mesic Nuclei pl
dc.language.container eng pl
dc.affiliation Wydział Fizyki, Astronomii i Informatyki Stosowanej : Instytut Fizyki im. Mariana Smoluchowskiego pl
dc.subtype Article pl
dc.rights.original CC-BY; otwarte czasopismo; ostateczna wersja wydawcy; w momencie opublikowania; 0; pl
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