Gellu Naum’s "The advantage of vertebrae" : a surrealist path between collage, concrete poetry and liberature

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dc.abstract.enThe paper presents one of the most interesting experiments in the Gellu Naum’s Surrealist repertoire, The Advantage of Vertebrae, a cycle of collage poems, created originally in the 40’s, but published late in 1975’s book Describing a tower. The poem is de-poetized by removing its teritory to the new context of the fashion-plate’s illustrations. The structure of the text is decomposed, disjoined, unbridled, oblated to the level of a signature under a photo. Altough it rejects traditional versification and even punctuation, Naum’s work is far from being an uncontrolled, amorphous outpouring of the unconscious; in the middle of this graphic/textual teritory, poetry seeks for its own destination. The text is not only de-formed, but, what is more important, re-constructed in the process of the fluid transformations, subsequently functioning more as an object then a traditional poem. This strange piece of art could also anticipate the formal experiments of the 50’s and 60’s notably the concrete poetry or be treated as a representative of liberature, the category suggested by Polish poet Zenon Fajfer back in the late 90’s. Fajfer underlines the material aspect of literature as an object: in this point of view, The Advantage of Vertebrae becomes the laboratory of the poetry itself, gaining a new, unlimited identity. In consequence, it can no longer be interpretable, analysis being a sole form of
dc.affiliationWydział Filologiczny : Instytut Filologii Romańskiejpl
dc.contributor.authorKornhauser, Jakub - 145348 pl
dc.contributor.editorDiaconu, Mircea
dc.contributor.editorNagy, Rodicapl
dc.contributor.editorDimian, Ralucapl
dc.contributor.editorPetroşel, Danielapl
dc.contributor.editorCoroi, Ioana-Crinapl
dc.contributor.editorStrugaru, Oanapl
dc.pubinfoSuceava : Editura Universităţii "Ştefan cel Mare"pl
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dc.subject.enconcrete poetrypl
dc.subject.enGellu Naumpl
dc.subject.enRomanian Poetrypl
dc.subject.plpoezja konkretnapl
dc.subject.plGellu Naumpl
dc.subject.plpoezja rumuńskapl
dc.titleGellu Naum’s "The advantage of vertebrae" : a surrealist path between collage, concrete poetry and liberaturepl
dc.title.containerCritical discourse and linguistic variation : new investigation perspectives : receptions, analyses, openings : September 8-9, 2010, Suceava, România = Discurs critic şi variaţie lingvistică : noi perspective de investigare : receptări, analize, deschideripl

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